Nanex™ multiSert+ (NY1-SP)

The preloaded Nanex™ multiSert+™ system eliminates the compromises traditionally associated with sub-2.2 mm cataract surgery

HOYA Nanex™ multiSert+ (NY1-SP)

Nanex™ multiSert+

Perform micro incision cataract surgery without compromises

The world‘s smallest nozzle size for an open-loop preloaded hydrophobic IOL system, designed for cataract surgery as low as 1.8 mm


The innovative design of Nanex™ multiSert+™ allows for sub-2.2 mm incision cataract surgery without compromises.

Proven hyrophobichobic acrylic lens material

  • over 10 million units implanted worldwide, over 15 years1

Significant PCO reduction

  • achieved through HOYA’s proprietary active oxygen processing treatment to the posterior surface of the Nanex™ IOL2

Wound protection3

  • minimizes wound stretch and allows for minimally invasive surgery through the smallest nozzle size available for an open-loop preloaded hydrophobic IOL system (outer diameter: 1.62 mm)3

Outstanding delivery consistency and smoothness

  • predictable lens release afforded by HOYA’s unique patented preloaded IOL delivery mechanism4

4-in-1 preloaded IOL system providing choice

  • push or screw injection, and insert shield in advanced or default position according to the surgeon’s preference and individual case presented


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