About RUCK

Our eyes are extraordinarily important. Not just for painters, photographers, filmmakers and the like, but for each and every one of us. So when one of our most valuable senses is in danger, the responsibility upon ophthalmic surgeons and their teams is immense. At RUCK, we have always taken our responsibility to provide our ophthalmic partners with high-quality, reliable systems very seriously. And with the growing elderly population worldwide – coupled with the improving healthcare infrastructure in developing countries – disease treatment is expected to grow at increasing rates.

In our desire to best meet these growing needs, and to keep evolving, elevating and diversifying our offering, we are proud to say that RUCK is now part of Hoya Surgical Optics, the intraocular lens division of HOYA Group.

HOYA Group brings us more than 75 years of optical product expertise and HOYA Surgical Optics brings over 30 years of experience in designing and producing intraocular lenses. HSO is also the world’s fastest growing IOL company and third largest IOL manufacturer globally. They contribute significantly to the treatment of cataracts and other leading causes of blindness worldwide – so joining them is a defining moment in our history.

Working beside an established leader presents us with several exciting opportunities:
To expand our product portfolio.
To enter the global retinal market, across developed and emerging markets, with our best-in-class machines.
To support and serve our customers more effectively than ever.
Most importantly? To save and improve the eyesight of many more people.

Let’s do more together.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at:

Phone:+49 800 000 5898

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