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22. Mar. 2018, 10:00h

Participation of HOYA Surgical Optics at the DGII Congress 2018 in Dresden, Germany

Around 500 ophthalmic surgeons followed the invitation into the state capital of Saxony, Dresden, to participate in the DGII (German speaking Society of Intraocular Lens Implantation, Interventional and Refractive Surgery) Congress from February 15th – 17th 2018. This annual meeting is usually ...
22. Mar. 2018, 10:00h

Dr. Gerrit R.J. Melles wins the HOYA DGII Scientific Prize 2018 in Germany

The winner of the DGII – HOYA Surgical Optics Awards 2018 is Dr. Gerrit R.J. Melles aus Rotterdam, who won a Prize of 5.000€ for the recognition of his outstanding work for the Laminating keratoplasty, especially DMEK (Descemet Mem brane endothelial keratoplasty). The Awards Ceremony was held ...
07. Mar. 2018, 10:00h

4th HOYA Cataract Forum in Germany: an education event for the whole clinic staff

Training for ophthalmologists, residents and nurses in theory and practice – that offered the HOYA cataract Forum in Heidelberg in January 2018 for the fourth-time. Around 100 participants have used the chance of this event organized by HOYA Surgical Optics to acquire the certificate of the Commission ...
16. Jan. 2018, 10:00h

HOYA Surgical Optics Launches new global research and development centre in Singapore to address global burden of cataract

HOYA Surgical Optics, the fastest growing intraocular lens (IOL) company in the world, has launched its new research and development centre in Singapore with support from the Economic Development Board This will make HOYA Surgical Optics the first IOL company with an integrated hub in Singapore ...
09. Jan. 2018, 09:44h

Cataract training session, Paris, France

HOYA Surgical Optics organized on November 18th 2017 the second full day session of cataract training dedicated to young residents with none or very low surgical experience on patients. Due to the success of the first event, HSO has increased the number of participants up to 14 selected ones among ...