15. May. 2016, 10:00h

HOYA Practical Seminar on 10th June 2016 at the Congress DOC in Nuremberg Germany

HOYA Surgical Optics is organizing a practical seminar during the lunch time about “Vivinex™ iSert® – the new preloaded premium IOL platform” On Friday 10th June. The Chairman of is Prof. Gerd Auffarth from the

University Heidelberg. The program of the scientific session includes also presentations of Prof. Rupert Menapace from Austria and Prof. Achim Langenbucher from Germany as following:

1/ What are the unique features now available with Vivinex™?
Prof. Achim Langenbucher

2/ What are the distinctions in performance and optical quality of hydrophobic raw materials?
Prof. Gerd Auffarth

3/ Clinical experiences on human eyes with Vivinex™ iSert® / European & Japanese outcomes
Prof. Rupert Menapace

4/ What are we learning about aspheric profiles? What are the benefits of HOYA
ABC Design?
Prof. Achim Langenbucher

The participants in the HOYA practical seminar must register prior to the event over the DOC organization.

The DOC which will take place from 9th to 11th June 2016 in Nuremberg. This is one of the most important congresses for the Cataract Surgeons from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. During the DOC-Congress HOYA Surgical Optics demonstrations of all HOYA innovative products will take place. Visit the booth of HOYA at the DOC 2016 VI.