18. Apr. 2016, 10:00h

HOYA Symposium at the Congress of the SFO in Paris on 8th Mai 2016

HOYA Surgical Optics is organizing a Lunch Symposium during the Congress of the SFO (French Ophthalmology Society) in Paris about “The Future for new Biomaterial in Cataract Surgery”. The chairman of the session is Prof. Monnet from Paris. Speakers are Prof Monnet, Dr. Lignereux from Nantes (France), Dr. Merz from Heidelberg (Germany) and Prof. Dot from Lyon (France) during the scientific session as following:

12H30 Pr D. Monnet (Paris)


12H40 Dr F. Lignereux (Nantes)

How to prevent PCO in 2016? New investigations (in French)

12H50 Pr G.U.Auffarth – Dr P. Merz (Heidelberg)

Glistening, whitening? What new biomaterial reveals (in English)

13H00 Pr D. Monnet (Paris)

Recent clinical studies on new biomaterial with surface treatment (in French)

13H10 Pr C. Dot (Lyon)

IOLs and blue filters: What else do we know nowadays? (in French)

13H20 Pr D. Monnet (Paris)



End of session

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The SFO Congress will take place from 7th to 10th May in Paris and it is the most important meeting for ophthalmologists in France. On the HOYA Surgical Optics booth P11 the sales rep will be presenting the newest product Vivinex ™. For further information please contact