IOL Portfolio

Here you can find more information about our preloaded IOLs which are delivered through injector systems designed to support the exceptional performance of ophthalmic surgeons. They offer excellent delivery consistency for flawless control and flawless consistency every time.



HOYA Vivinex™ Overview Image

Click here to learn more about Vivinex – a preloaded IOL platform which offers clarity of vision and outstanding delivery consistency


HOYA Nanex™ Overview Image

Click here to learn more about Nanex – a preloaded IOL which offers the world’s smallest nozzle size for an open-loop preloaded hydrophobic IOL system, designed for cataract surgery as low as 1.8mm


HOYA ezSert™ Overview image

Click here to learn more about ezSert – a fully preloaded hydrophobic acrylic IOL delivery system which offers a faster and simpler alternative to manually loaded systems


HOYA iSert® Overview Image

Click here to learn more about iSert
– a platform which improves efficiency and productivity in your practice


Information contained is intended for health care professionals. For a full list of indications and contra indications please refer to the Instructions For Use. Some of the products and/or specific features as well as the procedures featured in this document may not be approved in your country and thus may not be available there. Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice as a result of ongoing technical development. Please contact our regional representative regarding individual availability in your country. HOYA, Vivinex, Nanex, multiSert, multiSert+, iSert and ezSert are trademarks of the HOYA Corporation or its affiliates. ©2021 HOYA Medical Singapore Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved.

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