02. Jul. 2019, 17:43h

Introducing NanexTM multiSert+TM – the latest innovation from HOYA. A newly designed intraocular lens (IOL) delivered in a first-of-its kind preloaded delivery system

Singapore, 1 July 2019 – Today HOYA Surgical Optics, the worldwide leader in preloaded delivery systems, obtained CE Mark for NanexTM multiSert+TM.

A new level of protection
NanexTM multiSert+TM offers a very smooth surgical experience with outstanding delivery consistency. The 1.62mm injector tip of multiSert+TM is the world’s smallest nozzle size in an open-loop preloaded hydrophobic IOL system, designed for micro incision cataract surgery as low as 1.8mm. The newly designed NanexTM lens combines the proven material of over 10 million IOLs sold worldwide with the HOYA proprietary active oxygen processing treatment designed to reduce PCO.

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In addition to offering the smallest nozzle size, multiSert+TM offers cataract surgeons multiple options for delivery. They have the option of using either a single-handed push or two-handed screw injection according to their surgical needs and personal preference. This offers a high level of flexibility and control. multiSert+TM also comes with a uniquely-designed insert shield for precise injector tip insertion depth management. It is a fully preloaded injector for consistent and predictable IOL delivery.

“I’m very proud to announce that HOYA Surgical Optics has obtained European CE Mark for NanexTM multiSert+TM. It is important to be continuously working to meet the needs of cataract surgeons and we believe expanding our portfolio with NanexTM will help us continue to do so” said John Goltermann Lassen, CEO of HOYA Surgical Optics.

Visit HOYA Surgical Optics booth #A115 at ESCRS

HOYA Surgical Optics will officially launch NanexTM multiSert+TM at the upcoming 37th Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) in Paris, France. It will be available at booth #A115 at ESCRS from 14-18 September 2019. Surgeons are invited to visit the booth to find out more about HOYA’s latest products. NanexTM multiSert+TM is expected to be available to cataract surgeons in selected countries in September 2019.

About HOYA Surgical Optics
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