10. Sep. 2012, 10:00h

First annual HOYA Surgical Optics awards

In 2013, HOYA Surgical Optics is proud to introduce the First Annual HOYA Surgical Optics Awards.

We are pleased to introduce the HOYA Surgical Optics Award, the first ophthalmologist competition organized by HOYA Surgical Optics in Austria.

This contest will bring together outstanding young Austrian ophthalmologists in recognition of their work in the cataract and IOL refractive surgery.

The participants will be invited to write and present a short essay/report on the topics of

  • Cataract surgery
  • IOL refractive surgery
  • Technical procedures in the cataract and refractive surgery

Each essay will be judged by HOYA Surgical Optics GmbH in cooperation with a committee of scientific advisers from the Austrian Ophthalmologic Society on the merits of scientific content and writing style. Originality and insight will also be rewarded.

The results will be announced during the 54th  ÖOG Congress in Bad Ischl.

The participants must not be older than 35 years on January the 31st  2013, the final date for submitting their work. Every essay will have to be typewritten. It can also have been published in the last 2 years. Interim results will also be accepted for studies which have not yet been published. Each participant is required to submit a brief resume.

The winner, as chosen by the jury, will be awarded a price of 2.500€ and a visit to the ARVO Congress in 2014. The runner-up will receive 1,500€ and an invitation to a Wetlab for either cataract or vitrectomy surgery in Austria. The third prize will be for 1,000€ and will also include an invitation to a Wetlab.

For further information concerning the HOYA Surgical Optics Award 2013, please contact HOYA Surgical Optics GmbH at