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30. Jul. 2013, 10:00h

HOYA to Invest in InnFocus, a Glaucoma Device Company

InnFocus, Inc. (Miami, FL) announced that it received authorization from the FDA to begin the Phase I trial of the InnFocus MicroShunt™ to treat open angle glaucoma and received major financing from HOYA Group. The trial will be the first to use trabeculectomy with Mitomycin C as a study control ...
19. Jul. 2013, 10:00h

Manufacturing of HOYA iSert® IOLs Resumes

HOYA Surgical Optics announced that it has completed the installation and validation of new equipment at its factory in Singapore and resumed manufacturing of the 1-Piece IOLs that were voluntarily recalled. According to Thomas A. Dunlap, President & CEO of HOYA Surgical Optics, “We have received ...
08. Jul. 2013, 10:00h

Winners of the First Annual HOYA Surgical Optics Scientific Prize

The winners of the First Annual HOYA Surgical Optics Scientific Prize were announced in May during the ÖOG in Bad Ischl, Austria. First prize went to Dr. Domagoj Ivatnovic (2500€), second prize went to Dr. Christina Leydolt (1500€), and third prize went to Dr. Eva Faschinger (1000€). The ...
25. Jun. 2013, 10:00h

SFO HOYA Poster Competition Prize Winners

On May 14th, the Grand Auditorium of the Palais de Congrès in Paris hosted an awards ceremony for the winners of the recent SFO HOYA Poster Competition. The prizes were presented by the president of the SFO (Societé Francaise d’Ophtalmologie), Prof. Philippe Denis. First prize went to Dr. Jean-Louis ...
12. Feb. 2013, 10:00h

POSTER PRIZE AWARDS SFO 2013 sponsored by HOYA Surgical Optics

For the first time HOYA Surgical Optics will be sponsoring the Poster Prize Awards at the SFO (French Society of Ophthalmology)-Congress which will take place on May 11th -14th 2013. The Theme of the poster communication is “Cataract Surgery”. The winner, as chosen by the jury, will be awarded ...
10. Sep. 2012, 10:00h

First annual HOYA Surgical Optics awards

In 2013, HOYA Surgical Optics is proud to introduce the First Annual HOYA Surgical Optics Awards. We are pleased to introduce the HOYA Surgical Optics Award, the first ophthalmologist competition organized by HOYA Surgical Optics in Austria. This contest will bring together outstanding young ...