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03. Jul. 2015, 10:00h

The National Austrian Congress: Origamis for Vivinex iSert

The Austrian Ophthalmology Society Congress ÖOG 2015 took place in Villach, Austria, from 13th to 15th of May. The HOYA Team was represented by Andreas Kwapil-Gassmann (Country Manager), Thomas Altenberger (Sales Rep) and Doris Merz (Customer Service). In 3 days about 1000 delegates attended workshops, presentations and visited the industry exhibition.

HOYA Austria launched the HOYA VIVINEX iSert during the OOG on the booth and showed the Japanese tradition of the company to the visitors. Mrs. Elfi, a specialist in Origami technique, showed the visitors how to fold different objects. She made diamonds – the symbol of quality for the new HOYA product Vivinex iSert – in different colors. Doctors, nurses tried to fold Origamis objects to relax and have fun during the breaks of the scientific sessions.

03. Jul. 2015, 10:00h

“Fishing for Diamonds”: the Launch of the HOYA Vivinex iSert at the DOC

Fishing for Diamonds: the Launch of the HOYA Vivinex iSert at the DOC
Fishing for Diamonds on the HOYA booth at the DOC

A crowded booth with many curious visitors:  this was the way how HOYA Surgical Optics Germany Austria launched the new IOL, HOYA Vivinex iSert, during the DOC 2015 in Leipzig from 11th to 13th June. The German and Austrian Teams draw interest on Vivinex iSert® with diamonds to underline the long term and high quality of the innovative material.

The diamonds of Vivinex iSert were present everywhere on the booth, on banners and posters, hanging from the booth roof, placed in an orchid vase and lying on the demo tables. Additional the HOYA Team organized a small koi aquarium for playing “Fishing for Diamonds” with the customers.  This funny game was very popular and everybody wanted to catch a magnetic diamond with a fishing rod to win a small giveaway (e.g. pencil with diamond, diamond plug for cell phones or colored sunglasses with the Vivinex iSert® brand). So many existing and prospect clients have been attracted to the booth, where hundreds of demonstrations took place.

The 28th International Congress of German Ophthalmic Surgeons DOC (Kongress der Deutschen OhthalmoChirurgen) was a Joint-Meeting DOC-ISRS/AAO (International Society of Refractive Surgery/ American Academy of Ophthalmology) with round about 5.000 delegates. The DOC is the most important congress in Germany and the lectures and presentations were mostly in German but due to international speakers partly as well in English.

Diamonds on the HOYA booth
HOYA had a 40 sq m booth presenting the first time Vivinex iSert® in Germany. The Sales Force was completely present (7 from Germany and 2 from Austria) with additional support of the European Marketing and Customer Service staff to satisfy the demand of all delegates during the congress.

The DOC Congress was a great success and perfect platform to launch Vivinex iSert® in Germany.

19. Jun. 2015, 10:00h

Prof. Duncker wins the HOYA Surgical Optics Awards 2015 in Germany

The winner of the HOYA Surgical Optics Awards 2015 is Prof. Dr. Gernot I. W. Duncker aus Halle, who won a Prize of 5.000€ for the recognition of his outstanding work in the cataract and refractive surgery . The Awards Ceremony was held at the Congress of the DGII (German Speaking Society of IOLs Implantation), which took place this year in Karlsruhe from 26th to 28th February.

Prof. Duncker was born in Berlin. He studied medicine at the University of Kiel, where he has made his career up to Vice-Director of the Department of Ophthalmology. Since2011, he has a practice in the City of Halle, organizing and establishing the Institute of Ophthalmology. “The DGII honors Prof. Duncker with the HOYA Award for his decades of research, publications and work in the field of cataract and refractive surgery, transplantation of the cornea and its contributions to the cornea banking.”, said Prof. Gerd Auffarth,  DGII’s President. Prof. Duncker has worked as a board member, Secretary-General, speaker and trainer for many years at the DGII.

Photo from left to right: Prof. Gerd Auffarth (DGII President), Prof. Gernot Duncker (Winner HOYA Prize 2015), Bernhard Rudolf (HOYA Product Manager) and Prof. Albert Augustin (DGII 2015 Chairman).

Prof. Duncker wins the HOYA Surgical Optics Awards 2015 in Germany

19. Jun. 2015, 10:00h

HOYA Academy Wetlab with Dr. Woywod on 7th February 2015 in Frankfurt/M Germany

HOYA Academy Wetlab with Dr. Woywod on 7th February 2015 in Frankfurt/M Germany

In a stress-free environment and using the innovative HOYA products, 11 young ophthalmologists participated on the last HOYA Academy wet lab in Frankfurt on February 7th, putting in the practice their theoretical knowledge and learning  the techniques of the cataract surgery.

The HOYA Academy lectures and wet labs are recognised as advanced professional training for doctors by the Chamber of Physicians of the State of Hessen [Landesärztekammer Hessen]. Thus participants can collect numerous points bymeans of EFN (uniform training number) barcode stickers. Participants from other German states can submit the attendance certificates to the corresponding State Chamber of Physicians or another responsible body.

Through the practice working under the microscope, the young doctors become more familiar with the surgical instruments and the phacoemulsification. This experience can minimize complications encountered during a real surgery and reduce the stress and anxiety for the residents.

This time the wet lab instructor was Dr. Susanne Eller-Woywod, a very experienced surgeon. After giving a theoretical introduction about the development and the new techniques in the cataract surgery, Dr. Eller-Woywod observed the resident’s skill level, identified weaknesses and helped the young doctors to correct technique errors.

The HOYA Academy in Frankfurt offers wet labs and courses for distributors, nurses and young doctors in a regular basis – at least 3 sessions every year.