18. Apr. 2016, 10:00h

HOYA Symposium at the Congress of the SFO in Paris on 8th Mai 2016

HOYA Surgical Optics is organizing a Lunch Symposium during the Congress of the SFO (French Ophthalmology Society) in Paris about “The Future for new Biomaterial in Cataract Surgery”. The chairman of the session is Prof. Monnet from Paris. Speakers are Prof Monnet, Dr. Lignereux from Nantes ...

19. Feb. 2016, 10:08h

HOYA Surgical Optics-DGII Prize Winner in Germany

From left to right: Dr. Seibel (HSO), Prof. Grabner and Prof. Auffarth © Heusel Kaden Verlag

On 12th February 2016, the Congress of the DGII (German Speaking Society of IOLs Implantation) hosted an awards ceremony for the winner of the recent HOYA Surgical Optics-DGII Scientific ...

16. Feb. 2016, 10:00h

Innovative training during the 3rd HOYA Cataract Forum in Heidelberg

For the third time and the second time in the university city of Heidelberg under the aegis of Prof. Dr. Gerd U. Auffarth, HOYA Surgical Optics held its regular Cataract Forum on 30th and 31st January with 76 attendees from Germany and Austria. For the young ophthalmologists it was an opportunity ...