Leadership Team

At HOYA Surgical Optics, our core values guide us in the way we operate and communicate. Our leadership team strives to promote a culture that is based on Excellence, Passion, Innovative, Collaboration and Accountability whilst ensuring that our principles of quality, trust, dedication and attention to detail are deeply-rooted in the way we conduct our business and in our products.


portrait lassen
John Goltermann Lassen
Chief Executive Officer

portrait kakugo
Junichi Kakugo
President Japan Sales & Marketing

portrait andersen
Mads Bjerre Andersen
Senior Vice President, Global Sales ROW

portrait anello
Robert Anello
Vice President, Global Strategy, Business Development and CTM


portrait punja
Krip Punja
Vice President, Global Operations

Svetlana Bykanova_2020
Svetlana Bykanova
Vice President, Global Quality Assurance & Compliance

portrait gianno
Antonio Gianno
Senior Vice President, Global Marketing

Stephanie Shaw
Stephanie Shaw
Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs


Alvin Ng
Alvin Ng
Vice President, Global Legal & Compliance

Porus Khambata
Porus Khambata
Chief Financial Officer