August 13, 2009

The iSert™ Preloaded IOL Injection System provides predictable and safe insertion of glistening-free hydrophobic acrylic aspheric IOLs through a sub 2.4 mm incision.

CHINO HILLS, CALIF., August 13, 2009—Hoya Surgical Optics, Inc., announced today the United States introduction of the iSert™ Preloaded Intraocular Lens (IOL) Injection System. The iSert’s™ revolutionary technology provides unparalleled predictability and safety for intraocular lens insertion. With the IOL already loaded and ready for insertion, the system eliminates the potential for lens damage due to misloading and risk of contamination from endotoxins associated with reusable instruments.

“Frequently, there is a lot of pressure to load lenses quickly without errors during ophthalmic surgery,” says Joseph Russell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Hoya Surgical Optics. “With iSert™, the lens arrives already loaded into the inserter, eliminating lens handling prior to implantation. The iSert™ can be readied for the surgeon in about 15 seconds, even in the dim light of the O.R. This simple preparation ensures predictability and eliminates risk associated with damaged lenses or contamination. iSert™ can dramatically improve patient safety and efficiency in the O.R., while allowing the staff to concentrate on the most important part of the surgery—the patient—and not the IOL and inserter.”

The iSert™ Preloaded System is a proven technology. In use in Europe and Japan since 2007, the iSert™ Preloaded System’s completely closed system—from manufacturing facility to implantation in the eye—delivers a lens that is untouched by human hands for the ultimate in safety and sterility. The single-use inserter eliminates the risk of contamination from endotoxins associated with reusable materials and weaknesses of flash sterilization that can result in toxic anterior segment syndrome (TASS).

In addition, doctors can utilize the glistening-free, hydrophobic acrylic aspheric Hoya Surgical Optics lenses introduced earlier this year with the advanced technology of the iSert™ Preloaded IOL System. The iSert™ bevel tip is designed to accommodate surgeons who prefer incisions smaller than 2.4- mm.

“As the first IOL manufacturer to provide a preloaded lens insertion system into the United States, we are excited about creating a major paradigm shift in cataract surgery,” says Tom Dunlap, president and CEO. “The team at Hoya Surgical Optics will continue to provide surgeons with the most advanced ophthalmic technologies that allow them to deliver safer, better vision results for patients.”

About Hoya Surgical Optics
Hoya Surgical Optics is a global company focused on meeting the needs of surgeons and patients worldwide. As the world’s fourth largest IOL manufacturer and distributor, we are deeply committed to advancing ophthalmic surgery by combining surgeons’ clinical and professional knowledge with our optics research and development. Leveraging more than 60 years of excellence in optics design and innovation that has been the benchmark of the Hoya Corporation, Hoya Surgical Optics provides ophthalmologists with the products and services they need to help improve vision and quality of life for their patients.

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