March 1, 2011

SINGAPORE, March 1, 2011 – HOYA Surgical Optics announced record results for their business in 2010 and a global optimization plan for 2011. The 2010 business results were achieved based on growth of their intraocular lens business in all sales regions: Japan, Asia/Pacific, the Americas, and EMEA. The new globalization plan that begins this month will result in a realignment of functions and departments and a move of the company’s headquarters to Singapore.

In describing the strong business results, Thomas A. Dunlap, President and CEO of HOYA Surgical Optics, said: “We are very pleased with the strong performance of our business in all regions of the world. We have been a leading IOL manufacturer for many years but are still a newcomer to many markets around the world. Our performance this past year demonstrates ophthalmologists’ increasing appreciation for the quality of our IOLs and the confidence they have in achieving exceptional patient outcomes with our lenses. Our year over year revenue growth translates to HOYA being the fastest growing IOL company,” Dunlap added.

Commenting on the Global Optimization plan and headquarter relocation, Mr. Dunlap said: “This plan represents our on-going effort to fully leverage our strengths and operate more consistently as one global organization both internally and externally. We have had a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Singapore since 2003 and the integration of key functions at this location will enhance our operational efficiency and bring us closer to customers in important emerging markets.” Mr. Dunlap confirmed that HOYA Surgical Optics will maintain its current offices in the U.S., Japan, and Germany in order to optimize interaction with customers on a local level. “As our business has grown and become more globally integrated, the advantages of operating more uniformly out of a single location became a more obvious competitive advantage,” said Mr. Dunlap.

About HOYA Surgical Optics
HOYA Surgical Optics is a leading global ophthalmic device company with an entrepreneurial spirit focused on what matters most to realize both exceptional patient outcomes and better practice results. Leveraging more than 60 years of excellence in optics design and innovation that has been the hallmark of the HOYA Corporation, HOYA Surgical Optics provides ophthalmologists with innovative ophthalmic devices and services in key strategic segments that help them to elevate their quality of care and business efficiencies.

About HOYA Corporation
HOYA Corporation is a global technology company based in Tokyo, Japan, and the leading supplier of innovative and indispensable high-tech products and services based upon its advanced optics technologies. HOYA is active in four fields of business: The Eye Care provides eyeglasses, operates retail shops for contact lenses, and makes intraocular lenses for cataract surgery. The Life Care provides endoscopic systems. Electro-Optics makes mask blanks for photomasks for the semiconductor devised an LCD panels, optical lenses for digital cameras, and glass memory disks for HDD. The Imaging produces SLR/compact digital camera, interchangeable lenses, lens modules, and microlenses. HOYA now has over 100 subsidiaries and affiliates, and employs approximately 38,000 people worldwide.

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