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Your Vision and What to Know About Cataracts

We provide products and services to ophthalmologists. Helping to restore sight compromised by cataracts is our Singular Focus.

The human eye is a remarkable organ that allows us to see and experience the world around us through the sense of sight. Of all the five senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste), sight is considered to be the most important. We use our eyes in some way for virtually everything we do.

It’s estimated that fewer than half of all people have naturally perfect vision, also called 20/20 vision.

If you ever notice any change in your vision or experience any kind of injury to your eyes, see a doctor right away.

Understanding your vision and cataracts is important to good eye health and proper treatment.

Cataracts form gradually, and therefore early detection and treatment of them can help you save your sight.

The world of ophthalmology, like many areas of professional medicine, can be difficult to navigate if you don’t know the terms. Use our online glossary to look up and/or familiarize yourself with the various terms you may encounter.