25th Anniversary Emblem

HOYA Surgical Optics History

2012 marks the 25™ Anniversary of HOYA Surgical Optics as a quality provider of intraocular lenses, and more than 70 years of optical product expertise from HOYA Group.*

Our history of innovation in optics and customer care began in 1987 when a team of researchers led by Kosugi-san brought the first HOYA® IOL to market in Japan. Today, HOYA Surgical Optics is one of the largest global intraocular lens companies. Each year, we continue to grow and improve.

We are Singularly Focused on ophthalmology and provide ophthalmologists with innovative devices and services in key strategic segments that help elevate their quality of care and business efficiencies. We offer a diversified portfolio of products and one of the strongest new product pipelines in the industry. Important milestones in our history have included the following:

1987: Kosugi-san and team bring HOYA® IOLs to the market in Japan

1994: HOYA® One-piece yellow tinted PMMA IOL

2001: HOYA® One-piece foldable acrylic IOL

2003: European operations begin in Germany, the first office outside of Japan

2004: Asia Pacific operations begin with manufacturing and direct sales in Singapore

2008: HOYA iSert® 251  – the first hydrophobic preloaded IOL system

2009: U.S. operations begin with an office in California

2009: iMics1™– the first hydrophobic IOL to be delivered in a 1.8 mm incision

2010: European expansion with an office in France

2010: HOYA iSert® 251  – the fastest growing preloaded IOL system in Japan

2011: Global Optimization Plan activated with headquarters moved to Singapore, and a new office in China

2012: Global reach increased with new offices in Spain, Denmark, India, and other markets

2012: HOYA Surgical Optics celebrates 25 years of innovation in optics and customer care

Celebrating our 25th Anniversary as a Global IOL Company

HOYA Surgical Optics celebrates 25 Years of Innovation in Optics and Customer Care during 2012. We’re marking this important milestone event with a bold new look for our brand. We’ve refreshed our logo, updated our communications, and strengthened global consistency so that our one voice rings true in all markets around the world.

We are proud of our success over the past 25 years and the commitment of our people to ophthalmologists and the practice of ophthalmology around the world.

*HOYA Group is a global technology company established in Tokyo, Japan, and the leading supplier of innovative and indispensable high-tech products based on advanced optics technologies. HOYA is active in the fields of Health Care, Medical and Information Technology. HOYA has over 100 subsidiaries and affiliates, employs over 30,000 people, and generates 376.9 billion JPY in annual revenue.