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We’re different in many important ways, but perhaps most notably in our singular focus on optics and how we apply more than 70 years of HOYA Corporation global expertise in that field to everything we do. Singularly Focused—Globally Powered™. It’s a powerful combination that’s reflected in the way we pursue innovation, serve the needs of cataract surgeons, and contribute to better visual outcomes for patients and better practice outcomes for our customers.

The foundation of our success is the entrepreneurial culture that exists at HOYA Surgical Optics. It’s a culture you simply won’t find at any of our competitors. It’s a culture that inspires our people to challenge conventional thinking with bold new ideas, to look at all options to add value to our customers even if that means forming alliances outside of our own walls, and to remain flexible so that as conditions and opportunities change, we can adapt with agility and speed.

Our people are Singularly Focused on ophthalmic devices and what matters most for ophthalmic surgeons and their patients. HOYA Surgical Optics has a unique entrepreneurial culture that drives our company, our technological innovation, our precise manufacturing, and the way we interact with ophthalmologists every day.

The people of HOYA Surgical Optics possess three unique characteristics that are reflected in the way we operate every day:

Expertise: We create value for our customers not found with other companies. Our people, products, and services are only of the best quality and reliability.

Agility: To achieve accelerated revenue growth at optimal profitability, we’re targeted, aggressive, and responsive in our entrance, growth, and excellence of niche market segments.

Ingenuity: HOYA Surgical Optics seeks to create and excel in niche markets by developing clever technology advancements that address important unmet needs.

2012 marks the 25th Anniversary of HOYA Surgical Optics as a quality provider of intraocular lenses, and more than 70 years of optical product expertise from HOYA Corporation.

HOYA Surgical Optics manufactures a wide range of products to restore vision to people who have experienced cataracts by combining leading technologies and services to deliver the best outcomes for your patients and your practice.

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The people of HOYA Surgical Optics possess three unique characteristics that are reflected in the way we think and act: Expertise, Agility, and Ingenuity.

HOYA Surgical Optics has one of the strongest new product pipelines in the world. Our goal is to provide a totally integrated system of cataract surgery tools to support better, more predictable IOL outcomes.

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HOYA Surgical Optics global headquarters are in Singapore. We also have regional offices in Tokyo, Japan; Frankfurt, Germany; New Delhi, India; Shenzhen, China; and Chino Hills, California.

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