Innovative training during the 3rd HOYA Cataract Forum in Heidelberg

February 18, 2016

For the third time and the second time in the university city of Heidelberg under the aegis of Prof. Dr. Gerd U. Auffarth, HOYA Surgical Optics held its regular Cataract Forum on 30th and 31st January with 76 attendees from Germany and Austria. For the young ophthalmologists it was an opportunity to learn all the steps of the cataract surgery. The experienced surgeons could refine their surgery techniques, and the nurses and staff were able to try the practical surgery and to learn new strategies for the patient management. All participants were divided into two groups, so everybody had the opportunity to join the practical lab training and also the theoretical lectures during the event.

Conference program: Already in 2013 with the 1st HOYA Cataract Forum in Hamburg, a new standard in the field of education was created with a special program designed for the total staff of eye hospitals and private practices. HOYA offered a combination of wet-labs and interesting lectures for not only ophthalmologists and cataract surgeons. The idea was to invite as well nurses and employees, which turned out as very successful concept.

This year instead of the usual construction with free lectures and presentations, a special course from the German Society of Refractive Surgery (KRC) with a basic and advanced course took place for the first time during the Cataract Forum. The different speakers dedicated to refractive, cornea, cataract and lens-based education and solutions.  This scientific program was made explicitly to experienced surgeons to provide an update of the current treatment options, but also for ophthalmologists in the start of their career.

Wet-labs: The practical part of the event was supervised by the HOYA employees and offered 10 wet-lab stations for the attendees, who could learn the steps of cataract surgery with pig eyes. Here not only the standard techniques could be tried, but there was also the possibility to test advanced new tools for instance 2mm micro incision surgeries with Vivinex iSert implantation, and complicated surgeries maneuvers as well.

Dry-Labs: Enthusiastic participants have been introduced to the different possibilities of the simulator training with the Eyesi Simulator (VR Magic, Mannheim). Through the equipment and a new software, the participants could simulate the use of the instruments like in a real surgery. The 10 simulators were here really a technical highlight for all participants.