HOYA Surgical Optics-DGII Prize Winner in Germany

February 19, 2016

From left to right:Dr. Seibel (HSO), Prof. Grabner and Prof. Auffarth © Heusel Kaden Verlag

On 12th February 2016, the Congress of the DGII (German Speaking Society of IOLs Implantation) hosted an awards ceremony for the winner of the recent HOYA Surgical Optics-DGII Scientific Award. The winner is Prof. Dr. Günther Grabner from the Salzburg University, Austria.

Prof. Grabner was born in Vienna, where he studied medicine as well.  After having worked as medical director of the ophthalmic clinic in the capital of Austria, he became manager director university clinic for Ophthalmology and Optometry in Salzburg. There he has supported the complete reorganization of the institution, the establishment of 13 special clinics, the setup of an eye bank, prevention of glaucoma, experimental ophthalmic research and training laboratories.

The DGII honors Prof. Grabner with the HOYA Surgical Optics Award for his decades of research, publications and work in the field of cataract and refractive surgery, transplantation of the cornea and its contributions to the cornea banking.”, said Prof. Gerd Auffarth,  DGII’s President. Prof. Grabner and his team from Salzburg work since many years as speaker and trainer at the DGII Congress.