HOYA Academy Wetlab in Ulm, Germany

March 3, 2017

A very experienced cataract surgeon, Dr. Johannes Bräuning, from Rottach-Egern, Bavaria, was the instructor of the HOYA Academy wetlab, which took place on 19th November in Ulm, Germany. With the support of MTS – The Wetlab Company and 2 German Sales Representatives, 14 young ophthalmologists from Germany and Austria could in a stress-free environment put in the practice their theoretical knowledge about cataract surgery and at the same time learn the newest techniques.

The HOYA Academy lectures and wet labs are recognised as advanced professional training for doctors by the Chamber of Physicians of the State of Hessen [Landesärztekammer Hessen]. Thus participants can collect numerous points by means of EFN (uniform training number) barcode stickers.

After the theoretical presentation by Dr. Brüäuning at the beginning of the educational event, the young ophthalmologists received very helpful practical tips to deal with the porcine eyes and artificial model eyes, which simulate very dense cataracts in comparison to the young porcine eyes.

All participants appreciated the level of education during the course and the practical exercises – also using the HOYA iSert® Preloaded Lenses for the implantation.