4th HOYA Cataract Forum in Germany: an education event for the whole clinic staff

March 7, 2018

Training for ophthalmologists, residents and nurses in theory and practice – that offered the HOYA cataract Forum in Heidelberg in January 2018 for the fourth-time. Around 100 participants have used the chance of this event organized by HOYA Surgical Optics to acquire the certificate of the Commission of refractive surgery (KRC) for experience surgeons or to learn in different in wet-labs and dry-labs the practicing steps of a cataract surgery.

The HSO Country Manager Germany, Frank Seibel, explained in his Welcome speech “the HOYA Cataract Forum offers a concept of high-quality educational event: product neutral information and a valuable practical knowledge for a successful education on all new techniques for the intraocular surgery”.

A technical highlight, 10 VR simulators costing more than 1,000,000 € were available, where the young doctors could practice very close to the reality the phaco-emulsification and the implantation of IOLs. In addition, 20 stations for the “traditional” wet-labs in pig eyes were offered to the residents and nurses so that the young participants had a lot of time and possibilities to learn in the practice the techniques of the cataract surgery.

Recognised as continuing medical education (CME) by the German National Physician Chamber, the HOYA Cataract Forum attendance was credited with training points.