Lens on Tray

HOYA iSert® Preloaded IOL Platform

Safety, Efficiency, Predictability. The HOYA iSert® Preloaded IOL System now provides easier handling and greater protection of the IOL.


iSertTM system
HOYA iSert®Preloaded IOL system

The HOYA iSert® Preloaded IOL System provides ultimate sterility and reduced lens damage in an easy, disposable system that minimizes time-consuming inserter preparation, cleaning, and sterilization. The ergonomic design provides consistent, controlled, and safeguarded delivery of the IOL and requires as low as a 2.2 -2.4 mm incision, depending on the model number. As a single-use device, iSert® preloaded system also may reduce the risk of infection in the surgical environment.