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HOYA iSert® 251

The HOYA iSert® 251 intraocular lens is a 100% hydrophobic acrylic IOL that is fully preloaded and offers surgeons simplicity and superior ease of use.



HOYA iSert® 251 Preloaded IOL System

HOYA iSert® 251 IOL

Fully-Preloaded Implantation System as low as 2.2mm with hydrophobic HOYA® Monoblock IOL
For a safe, reliable and efficient minimal invasive surgery

Easy implantation by one-step technique
Controlled unfolding of haptics and excellent centration

Preloaded with proven HOYA® Monoblock design known from the HOYA iMics1™ IOL

The proven Aspheric Balanced Curve® (ABC) design provides patients with a sharp visual image and the square edge of the lens helps to minimizes posterior capsule opacification.


HOYA iSert® 251 IOL

Model Name Preloaded, Monoblock,
Blue Blocking
Optic Material Hydrophobic Acrylic
Optic Design asphericity = ~ –0.18 ?m
Manufacturing Lathe-cut and pad polished
Haptic Material PMMA
Haptic Configuration Modified-C loop
Dimension (Optic/OAL) 6.0 mm/12.5 mm
Power +6.0 to +30.0 D (0.5 D steps)
*A-Constant 118.4
*Optimized Optical constants      Haigis a0 = 1.13 a1 = 0.4 a2 = 0.1

Hoffer Q pACD = 5.33

Holladay 1 sf = 1.54

SRK/T A = 118.6

SRK II A = 118.7

Injector Type iSert® Preloaded IOL System
Incision Size As low as 2.2mm
*Surgeons to note before using Optimized Optical constant:
These Optimized Optical constant as derived from:
http://www.augenklinik.uni-wuerzburg.de/ulib/c1.htm as of August 2012.
This is based on surgeons experience and contribution to the collated data.
Surgeons should check for more updated Optimized Optical constant on the website before using the Optimized Optical constant.